Stuller account

Hello Orchid! I just wanted to take a moment away from the bench to
sing the praises of Andy “Tool Man” Kroungold, a fellow Orchidian who
just made my superstar list. I just got my business and resale
licenses last week (so exciting!) for my one-woman operation, and
immediately called Stuller to set up an account. I was told that
unless I had proof of past purchases of gemstones and/or gold
(neither of which I use in my work at this point, but plan to
incorporate as I grow the business) from two different wholesalers
they wouldn’t be able to give me an account. I immediately called
Andy, who’s made past offers of account setup assistance to the list,
and within an hour of faxing him my resale license and other
I had an account. Just amazing! If you have a resale
license and aren’t able to get a Stuller account through their normal
channels, go directly to Andy. His phone number is (800) 877-7777.

(Usual disclaimers – obviously!)

All the best from a very happy new Stuller customer, Jessica in a San
Francisco so foggy I can hardly see my bench :wink:

Hello Orchidland, Jessica’s rave review of Andy with Stuller
reminded me of a pre- Christmas experience I should share.
Background: Most of my Stuller orders are for metals, findings,
gems, etc. I rarely order finished jewelry. I’m not a very big
customer, but they treated me as if I was their best customer.
Situation: A special client wanted emerald earrings for his wife
and there was little time (a week before Christmas) to make them, so
he chose a pair with 7x5 oval stones from the finished jewelry
catalog. The order came and the stones in each earring were
different sizes. I called and explained the problem, re-ordered, and
returned the mis- matched earrings. The re-order came and both
stones were the same size - but only 6x4, not 7x5. I knew my client
wanted the larger size (he didn’t care about weight), so I called
again and Stuller’s customer service was very helpful. Not only did
the representative personally see to it that matching earrings with
the proper size stones were picked out, but she sent UPS to pick up
the returned merchandise at Stuller’s expense, PLUS she overnighted
me the re-re-order!! Please notice that all this occurred in about
5 days. Talk about service - Stuller has my vote. No connections or
affiliations with Stuller - just a satisfied and rather amazed
customer. Judy in Kansas, and close to the middle of nowhere, too.

Judy M. Willingham, R.S.
Biological and Agricultural Engineering
237 Seaton Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan KS 66506
(785) 532-2936