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Stuff from late 2018 and early 2019

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Dar, regarding the photo showing 9 leaves, I did not know a pancake die could create three dimensions. Are the differences in the leaves due to differences in pressure or differences in the plastic used or the result of wear on the die?

Is the guitar stamp for sale?

Thank you so much for posting these photos. Can you please let me know what is the white plastic board used for on the photo’s of the leaves ?
I have just started to use a press and the pancake dies . I am also intrigued regarding the components of the ring. Did you press, then saw, or were the entire lot of components all pancake dies ?
My next question is I am in Australia and to get access to the dies , unless I have business ( I don’t I’m just a hobbyist) (for now) and it is registered, it is now quite hard to buy stuff from the usual places in the USA.
Using a press is just catching on over here , I love It …
So anyone who can help me can would be so very appreciated .


HI, wires and shots is the simplest 3-D treatment I do, but I have done plenty of ones with attached forming components that do doming as well, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best way to make a domed piece. The leaf differences in this shot (9 leaves) are from either displaying the front or back of the piece , or doming front vs. the back, or doming vs. leaving flat . The plastic shown is the plastic (possibly Delrin?, absolutely not Plexiglas, which can shatter in these situations, but Lexan is great) used on all samples, and the die was brand new at the shoot. The plastic has the negative lines melted into it ; the 3 tabs are for locating the die over it’s neg. lines. I used 56 easy silver solder on the wires.

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I use Delrin, but Nylon is best for melting designs into, and it’s nice and hard. I also use Lexan (polycarbonate) but not for melting designs into. The white might be Delrin (acetyl) or LDPE. The finished , polished piece is a bracelet, and was made with parts cut from several of my side cutter dies like the “Lotus” style ring die that is shown on green background with many different pieces cut from it. The bracelet is 3 layers of overlay . You can join my group where I …basically live or just email me Here are more shots of side cutter stuff .

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No, but I can make whatever (guitar) size or style you want.

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