Studying the cutting and faceting arts

Orchid participants:

One of my jewelry and metalsmithing majors in the program here at
Eastern Kentucky University has expressed a sincere desire to study
faceting, particularly work with diamonds. Since my background is in
the design and fabrication end of the jewelry industry, I feel ill
prepared to give her good advice or in depth on the field
of lapidary and gem cutting. I can send her to books or the Internet,
but I am seeking a more personal source of Can you
suggest where she might go after graduation to study the
cutting/faceting arts?

I am aware of the various world centers related to diamonds and gems,
and I know that her desire is to stay within the states to study and
work. This may be the dilemma she faces.

I would appreciate any you can supply. Thank you in

Tim Glotzbach, Professor Jewelry/Metalsmithing Eastern Kentucky
University 521 Lancaster Ave. Richmond, KY 40475 (606) 622-1638 (606)
622-5904 fax @artglotz

Hi, about your student who would like to study lapidary. The cutting
of diamonds and the cutting of colored stones are two diferent fields.
Very seldom will either type of cutter cut both. Both require diferent
equipment and diferent studies. Either can be good fields. I have been
cutting colored stones for over 25yrs and still enjoy it. With colored
stones it sorta breaks into two types, hobby cutters who do it for the
love of it and then the idoits like myself that do it for the trade.
There are usually clubs for hobby cutters in most areas and the
Lapidary journal is a good place to find them. The clubs will often
offer classes or be willing to teach newcomers. There are also lots of
very good books if they want to try it on their own. On the commerical
side its diferent, we have to make a living at it. You can take a
class at the Tucson show and you will actually cut a stone by the end
of the class. When we teach its always with an eye on the art but
with feet firmly planted in production. I don’t know of anyone who
offers a class in commerical lapidary. For diamond cutting I’m pretty
sure the best place would be Antwerp and I’m fairly sure there are
also schools there.