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Studio space and job ops

Hello, I’ll try to make this brief in order to get to the real
questions I have…

I had been working for many years as a freelance project manager in
marketing communications, but have been forced to rethink my career
goals lately due to budget cuts and layoffs. My dream has been to
make the ‘hobby’ of jewelry making and metalsmithing my career. Though
I’m not sure how jewelry business is doing in light of the events of
the last month. Comments? Advice? I plan to host (and have friends
host) some home jewelry showings of my work to see if I can get some
pre holiday orders —and to establish myself locally. Has anyone done
this? How has it worked out?

For me to be able to fulfill these (potential) orders, and to begin
working more seriously as an artist, I need to find a suitable
workspace (would share) in the Boston area. If you have space, want to
share space, know someone else looking to share or rent, etc. please
let me know. Advice on cost per square foot would be appreciated since
I have never looked for studio space before now.

Also, if you or someone you know is in need of an assistant in the
same (Boston) area I would love to gain more practical experience with
an established jewelry / metalsmith artist while working on my own.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Happy Sunday,
Theresa F.
Cambridge, MA