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Studio Posters


I’m new to this, but already getting inspired! Thanks!!

I’ve been searching, with no luck yet, for posters to put up in my
Studio that have to do with silversmithing / metalsmithing / tools /
creativity / safety, whatever. I teach classes and share the studio
with other jewelers and want it to be an inspiring, fun place for us
and the students. Anyone out there have any suggestions or leads?


Dear Gianna,

I saw your post on Orchid. I’m the executive director of the
Society of North American Goldsmiths. I have a really beautiful
poster I would love to send you. It uses all student work. It’s
also a pitch for students to join SNAG at a discount, I must warn
you, but 99% of it is great images. Let me know your address, and
how many you would like to have, and I’ll get those out to you.

Dana Singer
SNAG Executive Director
(406) 728-5248

Hi Gianna,

Since my first passion is drawing and painting, if you have anything
in mind that you would like to see on a poster let me know, and i
will try my best to draw it for you. I can just scan drawings in and
e-mail it to anyone wanting it.

Be my pleasure to give something to all of you helpfull people.