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Studio laser welder

I appreciate the answers from all of you who responded to this
thread. I have a question for Paul DeFruscio.

Paul, part of your post states:

What should be your concern is where and how the beam is delivered
and at what point is the power of the beam is measured? 

What are the answers to the above? How should the beam be delivered
and what point should it be measured at?

Now - a question for everyone. Have you seen the “NEW” laser welder
on the Gesswin website. It appears to be a full size unit with specs
comparable to the full size units from Rio or Rofin or Crawford but
at about 2/3 the cost.

I suppose that new technology may make it possible to produce a
welder that compares to the units from the major manufacturers but
at a significantly lower cost. Perhaps some of you who are
experienced with laser welders might look at the specs for this unit
and let us know what you think.

Disclaimer: I have no association with the above mentioned companies
other than having bought tools or supplies from some of them.

Joseph Bloyd
Battle Ground, WA on a beautiful Easter Sunday!