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Studio in Toronto


I am looking for some space in Toronto, Canada - 400-600 sq feet. Please let me know if anybody has contacts.

Thank you

Contact the management at either 55, or 27 Queen Street East.
I think these are both under the control of “Cadillac Fairview” (but I might be wrong!)

When you get a place, please email me, we can go for lunch!

BTW, I’m going to telephone a diamond dealer who has his office at 27 and I’ll get the management number for you!..:wink:
Gerry, on my iPhone

Hi Dsamborschi
Here is the name of the landlord of BOTH 55 & 27 Queen street East, in Toronto… “ Ontim Investments“ (416) 364-1287
Wish you success in finding an office, both the best and ‘safest’ trade buildings in our city.

Gerry, on my iPhone

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Thank you Gerry! waiting list in both. 21 Dundas is gone.)

After so many years a fellow bought the whole building & is now a rental- building with hotel attached.

There is another site on Victoria street south of Dundas Sq. I’ll get that telephone number for you, too!
Regards, again!

Gerry, on my iPhone

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