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Studio- at home or away?

I agree with the person who said the choice of a home studio is
dependent on your specific circumstances. I have two small children
and have to fit in work when I can (e.g., naptime or when my husband
can take over), so having a studio at home is the only option right
now. Of course, I have the added concerns of isolating it
completely, ventilating it myself, keeping it locked up like a
fortress, etc. It’s a bit lonely, but on the other hand I get so
much done when I can focus and ‘never’ have to wait to use a tool. I
think if it had a window I’d be in heaven.

The things I miss the most about shared space are the inspiration I
got from seeing other artists work and the creative suggestions when
I’d get stuck. I also believe that for building a network of creative
people, keeping inspired and for hearing about opportunities, shared
space is the better thing.

Two things will enable me to get space elsewheRe: enough income from
my work to afford the rent, and solid, predictable chunks of time
when I can get away to a studio. Maybe I’ll have had some success by
the time my little ones are in school. But I think I’d always keep a
home studio as well - for the flexibility to work whenever the
inspiration hits, to keep my special tools, failed pieces,
collections of odd objects and materials that might come in handy
some day, and perpetual works-in-progress. You know, the usual
artist’s chaos.