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Student Seeking Apprenticeship

Hi everyone, I’ve been learning to make jewelry over the past few
years and have recently saved up some money to go to a trade school
in NYC. However, I would much rather learn one-on-one with an
experienced jeweler and was wondering if anyone needs or knows
someone who would take on an apprentice. I would be able to support
myself for a few months since I’ve already saved-up money. I know
how to solder, file, saw, polish, etc. but just need more practice.
I’ve worked mostly in sterling silver but also a little bit with
gold (and a tiny bit with wax). I really really want to learn and I
am a quick learner. I could help someone with the production of
their jewelry in exchange for teaching me new skills. I can also
help with administrative tasks. I currently reside in NYC but am
willing to relocate for the right opportunity. Please contact me if
this sounds like something you’d be willing to do. I would also
appreciate any other feedback/suggestions people might have.

Thank you!!!