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Stripping silver or white gold alloyed

Stripping silver or white gold alloyed with small amounts of silver.

I am experimenting with a new alloy in the industry. The alloy is
very forgiving. Castings come out looking clean and white. It is
especially nice with diamond set in the wax pieces.

The problem is…it doesn’t electro strip very well. At this point in
time we have not found any solution to this problem. Even magnetic
tumbling does not give us the kind of results we need.

Do you have any suggestions about a stripping process that is
reccommended for use with silver or silver alloyed white gold?

I would love to hear from you. Sincerely Shelley

hello shelly how long is a piece of string?? i mean what are u using
in your alloy ? it is imperative to know what ur composition is, so a
chemical formula can be developed to suit it.