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Stringing Widgets

Hi All;

Recently, I mentioned a new finding I came across that is supposed to
take the place of French wire or Bullion as it’s sometimes called.
Some Orchid members have expressed an interest in these. French wire
is used to cover the silk on the ends of pearl strands to protect it
from wearing itself out against the jump rings that attach it to the
clasp. Anyway, these widgets are like little stirrups that the silk
goes through and they are attached to the clasp with the jump rings.
I don’t know their name, but Jules Borel carries them. Unfortunatly,
they only come in gold filled, silver, gold and silver plate. The
stock numbers are 782-53, 784-53, 786-53, and 785-63 respectively.
Borel’s number is 1-800-776-6858. Usual disclaimer, I get nada for
telling you this.

David L. Huffman