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Stringing black diamond beads

Regarding the use of fishline: Please be aware that it will
deteriorate, become brittle and fall apart. Most of the beads sold
by strand are “temporarily” assembled on fishline - and I have
hundreds of them hanging on a wall in my studio. Every once in
awhile, I may hear a “crash” (curiously, only in the middle of the
night and never prior to 2 A.M.) ) and know that another strand
has spontaneously committed suicide. Please - I know it has a nice,
transparent quality, but it’s only meant for “temporary” use - it
shouldn’t be considered for wearable jewelry. A few years ago there
was a fad in “floating” beads" strung on fishline. I made a handful,
too, by special request, but only with a disclaimer promising that
they will break eventually, and to strictly avoid contact with
perfumes, makeup , sweat, and body oils - oh - and air, all of which
hastens the deconstruction.

What it IS really great for, though, besides inventory storage, is to
temporarily assemble a mock up of a work in progress.