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'Street Jewellery' and Konichiwa

(This could also be called WHAT I DID ON MY HOLIDAYS)

I’m back from our summer holiday in Queenstown New Zealand, and
where I was

teaching ‘Street Jewellery’ to tourists and locals.

I’ll tell you about Queenstown. It’s a cute little town of about
8,000 peop le that is set like a… like a… well like a jewel in
amongst 8,000ft mountains and deep lakes (see

Many photos of the 1 hour workshops to scan and upload to my
site. Don’t look yet.

Ruth and I were there for about 2 weeks (we drove down - covered
2500 miles to the bottom of our little country and back) and in
that time I taught 6 days of ‘Street Jewellery’ 1-hour
ring-making sessions. It went fabulously well! Taught touristi
from all over; NY, UK, Zambezi, Japan. No publicity meant day one
was slow - I attracted 1 person. Then day 2 I got about 6 - then
I had a break for 2 days. Day three 10 or so. Day 4 & 5 were
very full days. Day 6 I taught 17 people between noon and 5pm. I
was working hard. Everybody was thrilled with it. Many wanted to
do it again! As I was packin g up the next day people were still
coming in wanting to do the sessions. We are planning to move
down to Queenstawn next year. Spend the summer there. Three
months Jan - Feb - March soaking up the sun and doing Street
Jewelry a couple a days a week as a regular thing.

We liked swimming in the lakes so much that towards the end of
our time the re we both finally bought swimming togs. There are so
many place to skinny-dip

Brian: I briefly checked out your website. Can you explain the
wood stump ring you make? Do you just cut out the ring size and
shape you want in the wood then melt the silver?

Just wondering…


Yes, DeDe, The best way to cut out the ring size and shape you
want is to drill 2 holes, one for the outside diameter, another
for a bit of wooden doweling for the inside dia. Burns the wood
out to about 1/2" round the hole. Flame rises about 9" high.

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