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Strat-O-Sheen powder burnishing compound


Would like to know of any experiences with Rio’s Strat O-Sheen
Powder Burnishing Compound used in conjunction with a flow-through
vibratory system and stainless steel shot?

Results in general and specifically with silver, copper, and brass.

I tried it with sterling and after a few runs the shot turned gray
and so did the last run of silver pieces.

Trying to troubleshoot my problem. may or may not be the Strat
O-Sheen. don’t know.

If I determine it is not, then want to know the burnishing results
those who have tried the powder got with it on these metals.

Thanks for your input.
Anita Van Slyke-Swank


I have been using Strato-sheen for about 2 years in a Thumler vibe
with porcelain. Have had no problems. Just burnishing gold and