Strange tumbling resuls

Hi All–Just had a rather strange thing happen. I put a pair of
silver earrings into my little rotary tumbler with stainless steel
shot and a little burnishing liquid, for just about an hour to shine
them up before setting the stones. They came out shiny–and
GOLD–they look like they were lightly gold plated. I didn’t
remember what I tumbled last, but a) I think it was silver, and b) I
discarded to old liquid and washed the shot in between. Any ideas?
I considered a tiny waterlogged Rumpelstilskin , but maybe there’s a
better explanation. Sandra

Sandra, Are you sure ithe earrings are gold and not brass? Could they
have been silver plated and tumbling wore out the plating? It
doesn’t make sense to me that the manufacturer would have sliver
plated gold. Jerry in Kodiak