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Storing Carbon steel 'shot' or how to dry a watch


Dear john,

As I get older I seem to learn something new everyday from
someone. I have been a wachmaker for years and have never heard
of your technique. Of course the accepted method is to
disassemble the movement from the case, clean the movement if
necessary and then dry both the movement and the watch case with
special attention the underside of the crystal as water and/or
moisture can get trapped there. You dry the movement in your
commercial watch cleaning machine which has a dryer in it ( in
a pinch you can use a hair dryer but this can create dust
problems.) My old bulova cleaner/dryer works under a vacuum to
keep out the dust. Re-assemble the watch and reseal for moisture,
and then check for water/moisture leaks with the waterproof leak

And now you tell me I can use blue silica gel
granules…hmmm…can’t wait to try this technique…haven’t
located any granules yet. Thanks for the tip John…I always
rather enjoy your posts.

Terry Parresol in Central Florida where we just had our two days of
winter. (50 degrees)