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Stories from our Jewelry Experience

  She says "But I have a guarantee". I told her she would have to
take the ring back to where it was bought to have them work on it.
She says "You mean I have to go all the way to Arizona?". I really
should have had her come to the shop, I would have loved to see if
she was as stupid in person. Just one of many memorable moments
working with the public. Janine in Redding California. 

Hey Folks, I have been out of commission for two years but opened my
store again finally. Great to be back . I have great loyal customers
! Been monitoring Orchid on and off these years. After 30 years
retail there are many humorous stories but one has always stuck in my
mind. I think we have all had this customer mentioned above. A lack
of education can be dangerous or humorous.

In central Florida there are many revivalist religious organizations
headed by fundamentalist style preachers who leave a little to be
desired in the education department at times. ( No insult intended to
any religion or religious affiliation) Some years ago one such
Preacher frequented my store to buy jewelry for his wife or daughter.
One day he was shopping at my silver case and asked to see several
items. After looking for a few minutes he spotted a pendant and asked
me with a questioning look as to its significance ? I stated it was a
traditional Thespian symbol ( a comedy-tragedy mask), whereupon he
did an about face never to be seen again. ( I assume here everyone
follows this as it has always been my assumption he was thinking I
said something else). I heard from several customers there were
sermons from the pulpit about certain jewelers etc…I laugh now but
at the time it was more sad than humorous.

Terry Parresol
still kickin in central Florida