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Storage lubricant for rolling mill rollers



I understand that to prevent rust, I should coat my rolling mill’s
rollers when not in use. I’d like to use something that is easy to
wipe off when I do want to use the rolling mill. Is WD-40

Andrew Jonathan Fine


Hi Andrew,

Nope, WD-40 won’t cut it. (it attracts dust, which causes rust.)

Go to the hardware, and look for “LPS-3”. It’s a pretty serious rust
inhibitor, but it’s available in spray cans at most hardware/auto
stores. It leaves a waxy sealant coat behind. In a pinch, the LPS-3
coat makes a pretty good thick lubricant for sliding surfaces as

To get it off, use either WD-40, or LPS-1. (LPS-1 is their
lightweight spray oil, very much like WD-40, but less volatile.
(Means it sticks around longer.))

I’ve had the rolls on my spare mill sealed with it for about 12
years now, sitting in a basement in Ohio. No rust when I checked last




Cosmoline is most often recommended for storage of mill rollers. Your
rollers were likely coated in it when you first took you mill out of
the box. Its brown greasy sticky. I am not sure where to buy it, but
I am sure you can find a supplier on the internet. I don’t use
cosmoline. My mill is about 15 years old. I spray it with WD 40 after
each use and my rollers look new. I do however live in a very dry
climate (Alberta Canada)



Hi Gang,

Nope, WD-40 won't cut it. (it attracts dust, which causes rust.) 

You might want to go to & look at
the Brown Polymer.

It’s a great way to prevent rust & corrosion. I’ve been using it for
a couple of years with no problems.

Just a very satisfied customer.



One word… Eezox