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Hi all!i am very eager to start setting stones!i dont want to have
to go to a class ,were can i get a book that explains it very

Sincerely:Matthew Johnson

Hi Mathew! I don’t know any kind of books that could explain well
about how to set the stones, but I want to tell you that it would
be much easier and better than reading books if you take a class.
Or ask your friends who know how to set the stones to show you how
because setting stones is much more complicated than you think. Ok,
Mathew I wish you luck!


GIA offers classes in stone setting

Three extension classes focusing on jewelry manufacturing arts
have been newly redesigned. The five-day “Basic Repair & Setting of
Jewelry” class provides the introductory skills in jewelry repair
and stone setting. Those who need to update their bench skills
should consider investing five days in the “Intermediate Repair &
Setting of Jewelry” class. Practicing advanced techniques, GIA�s
five-day “Advanced Stone Setting” class is pertinent for those with
previous stone setting experience. On-campus tuition fees are $725
per class and $825 for classes held at other locations.

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA