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Stones set into prongs

I spotted a ring the other day with melee stones set bead/pave’ style
on the shoulders of the shank as well as into the prongs holding the
center stone in place. How do they set that? Are the seats for the
melee cut into the prongs and then the seat for the center stone
before the center stone is set? How are the melee stones set with out
slipping and damaging the center stone? If the center stone needs to
be tightened (that’s the repair jeweler in me asking) what is the
best way to do it?

Rene’ Howard

IF you have to tighten the center stone I would vector tighten it. I
would suspect this was done in platinum so I would see where the
stones are being set and then set in which order I felt best.
Probably center first for support but if not you could devise a
support system for the prongs while you set the stones in them. Then
you would still vector set the center. I will assume you know what
vector setting is If not let me know.

The Jewelry CAD Institute