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Stones question? scratches -

the least expensive repair kits in the studio are q-tips & diamond
paste. snap off the q-tip shaft, insert into flex shaft collet, give
a couple of test twirls to get cotton going in right direction
(literally), dip into a dab of 30 to 15 micron diamond paste - work
up to about 1 micron, or even 1/4. the q-tip may have to replaced to
keep the wood/rolled paper shaft from coming through the cotton &
scratching the stone. i use this method all of the time. another
method i have used for real disasters when the stone cannot be
removed from a bezel (doesn’t work on prong settings) is to grind the
stone past the scratch, even down to the lip of the bezel, & polish
from there; never had a failure this way & i’ve gotten truly dramatic
results when the stone table & bezel are the same level.

good luck -