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Stones in papers

Hi, all, Tony’s story about the spilled paper of diamonds reminded me
of a question I have-- why are expensive stones put in paper? Not
too long ago, I began buying better stones (mid three-figures), and
the first time the vendor began to put one in a paper, I asked to
have it in a box. He and his wife got that “I’m going to keep a
straight face” look, and gave me what I wanted. Since, I’ve just
taken it in the paper. But why?


In my humble opinion stone papers are still the best way of carrying
stones. The small package can be hidden on the person and attracts
no interest. It can be filed, just like a manila envelope, you can
keep a running total on the envelope about number of stones and
prices etc.

Most useful though is that the wrap of the paper prevents the stones
moving and so they tend not to get chipped.

An Addendum

Many dealers mark their packs with the “tourmaline” code to remind
themselves of the original carat or piece cost of the material
inside. T=1 O=2 U=3 etc.

Tony Konrath
Gold and Stone

Noel & All, I have been in the stone business since 1978 and have
asked the same question many times. Never have I received a good
answer. Stone papers are used for convenience. Stone papers take up
very little room and cost very little. At shows I sell my stones
with the boxes. My boxes cost $1.25 USD per box. I accept the cost
of the box as part of my overhead.

Space is a major consideration in transport and storage of
Papers take up less than 10% the space of boxed stones. I
use papers to store most of my stones below 1 carat. Larger stones
stay in their display boxes.

Gerry Galarneau