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Stone setting work

Hello all: I have a friend in Kansas City, Missouri whom I went
to Paris Jr. College with in 1981. She is doing trade work for a
couple of stores and asked me if I might know of someone who
needed stone setting work done. She is a competent setter and
all around bench jeweler. If anyone has such work please email me
off list and I will put you in touch with her. The following is a
quote from her email to me.

"Thought I’d write and ask if you know of anyone or can get me
in touch with someone on the internet whose a manufacturer that
might be interested in sending out stone setting in quantity for
me to do. My repair work is really slowing down to almost a
standstill and I’m having

great trouble surviving. I’ve always wanted to do massive
setting like I used to do for the manufacturer I worked in Dallas
but got paid by the hour instead of by the stone. I know there
must be people out there that need this service, I just don’t know
how to find them and I’m not a member of the jewelers board of

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA
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Michael, I live in Kansas City, and I would be very interested
in the services of your friend here. I have recently purchased
several faceted gemstones and want someone in Kansas City to
provide stone setting and other services. I would very much
appreciate your friend contacting me either by telephone or
e-mail. Or, I can contact her if she prefers. Thanks, Sandy