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Stone setting with "Badeco" Hammer Handpiece

Badeco Hammers are available with 3 different tensions If you are
setting stones you need the strongest and the number is model no is
222. I comes with one tip. It should cost you around $200 US. The
tips come in many shapes & sizes. The best part about this hammer is
that it fits on your Foredom Flexible Shaft machine and it can be
changed very quickly if you are using a Handpiece.

They have been in business for a long time and parts are readily
available. If you need any more you can check with this
company in New York City. 46 Jewelry Supply, 46 west 46 St., New
York, NY 10036. phone 212 221 6088. Or 800 221 4812. These hammers
are very popular in the Setting industry particularly in NY.