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Stone setting tutoring!

Dear all!

I find it is apparent that there are only a few schools in Canada
that offer gem-stone setting programs. Because of this, I am now
advertising in a cross Canada jewellery trade magazine a program
just for this lack of tutoring. In the Summer this magazine will
reach into the US of A.

It is very unsettling to hear that there are only a few setting
resources for beginners to approach. As diamond-setting has come to
a point that most of the jewellery is now made offshore, this is a
realistic observation. I totally abhor such a move, saving a few
penny’s many of our best setters have now left our glorious
profession, pity! My training program is comprised of very detailed
& labour intensive tutoring. All training is ‘one-on-one’. No one in
Canada is offering such a mentoring program.