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Stone setting courses in New England

I’m looking for recommendations on where I can take some more
advanced stone setting courses that would include pave, channel,
flush etc. I’m a full time bench jeweler so I can’t take 12 weeks off
to take one course.

I’ve looked into Metalwerx, the North Bennet School and a few
others. Any advice would be great.


North Bennet School is considered the best of stone setting in the
Boston area.

Linda Priest teaches at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts
Boston. The school doesn’t have a class specifically for stone
setting but you can find Linda Kindler Priest on the web and ask if
she would offer private lessons. She is a master of chasing and
repousee and cuts and sets stones for many of her pieces.

Good luck, MA

New Approach School was in your area, just south but moved to
Nashville. On your side of the Mississippi River this is an awesome
choice. He has two 1 week courses on setting

David Geller

Hello Adam

If you are investigating in looking to improve your setting skills,
you might have to decide which is more important. Namely, your
day-time jewellery job or the need to learn a relatively in depth
setting skill.

It is rather difficult to “sit, set & learn” while you are trying to
please your companies’ owner at the same time. I suggest, as others
might concur, do a training session while you have some vacation time
allotted to you, during the summer.

Adam, you must weigh your needs and decide your own priorities,
which is more important!..I rest my case and I wish you luck in your


Keep checking our website for class schedule and you can also give
us a call.