Stone setting books

hello all, im trying to find info for someone starting out and
interested in stone setting, can anyone recomend a good book
specifically for stone setting, with lots of images. i didnt actually
learn from a book, so if anyone can recomend a good one with bead
setting and all the lot i would appreciate it.

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Hi Heather

I have a detailed setting book that is 99.9999% finished. It has
over 613 pictures for your friend. It has also many articles and
essay just on Bead Setting and other setting items with many tips
(100’s)! Its geared not only to Novices and students, but to anyone.
Your friend will find this a very worthwhile book to use…Gerry! at

Hi to all,

I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation about a good stone
setting book. I am pretending to set some stones and I have a few
books but they do not cover this techniques as I would like.

Thor Hedderich

Hello Thor,

May I suggest the stone-setting videos from New Approach School for

Others have raved about them in the past and I agree. The
explanations and visuals are very well done - and you can rewind and
review to your heart’s content. I know they seem expensive, but they
are an investment. Especially valuable for someone in the
hinterlands, far from almost anything - like myself. :slight_smile:

The only thing better would be to attend classes with Blaine Lewis.
(sigh) I’m saving my pennies for such an opportunity,

Judy in Kansas

I have always enjoyed the videos from blaine Lewis, but there also a
great book called diamonds setting manual. I believe all the supply
house carry both.

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