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Stone setter's wax

Where can I purchase the setter’s wax which Michael David Sturlin
mentions in his very detailed and good article on stone setting? He
writes that this wax can be formed into a snake and inserted into
the bezel to prevent the stone from moving. I have tried surfing the
net to find this wax, however, I did not find anything.

Another easy solution, is to get some even Bee’s-wax & mix it with
charcoal in the palm of your hand. Mix it up well by the warmth of
your hand will soften it. I use this great composition as to pick-up
the loose stones & with dab of this wax on an old bur.

I use a very little dab to put inside of the Bezel Wall as what M.
Sturlin is using. so darn helpful for the initial Bezel-Setting
process. it keeps the stone still while starting the hammer-hitting
schedule. written at 6:00 a. m. (gotta keep the mind alert!) *Gerry *

I use GUM ortho wax from the dental aisle at the grocery store.
Cheap and readily available. Very sticky. Easy to use and it comes in
a cute little flat plastic box.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

Iris. It’s beeswax.

Jerry in Kodiak