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Stone/Gem Setting Info For Beginner?

Hello, can anyone recommend where to find info/resources on stone/gem setting that they trust is “accurate?” I’ve Searched the site and Google has so much info, it can be difficult to weed out proper instruction, recommended tools (sets, sizes, etc), and so on. Any help is appreciated!

I actually produced some videos on this with Gerry Lewy… they should be available on the site in the next few weeks :wink:

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Cool and thanks for sharing these Seth.
Looking forward to the video’s


Tagging this thread so I can find it quickly :grinning:

Some years ago I got quite a lot of information from Garry and even though I had been setting for years (after some formal training) I learned a great deal of very useful info from Gerrys material. I also bought some of his specially ground engravers which also were fantasti
The videos will be a great resource

“Creative Stone Setting” by John Cogswell is a very good resource imho. Covers in detail various ways to set stones and has some handy tips as well.

I’ll have a look-see at/for it while I await those vids to be posted :smiley: Thank you :]