Stone falling

Dear members, I have a problem of falling stones from the sale point
which requires free replacement of stones. Any body can give me a
method to find out the problem at the inspection point at the
factory. Like any other factory robust quality control dept and when
we are checking the stones are OK, but after some time it got
loosened and falling. what I need is How to check stone secure by
which we can give a guarantee for stone falling problem.

Thanks in advance

Hello G. Rajendran, To offer some solutions to your problem of stones
coming loose and falling out, it would be useful to know:

1.  whether the stones are set in bezels (open or closed back) or prongs,
2.  if there is any obvious damage (dents, twisted prongs, and such),
3.  what metal (alloy) is used, 
4.  what stones tend to fall out, and 
5.  what type of jewelry (ring, pendant, earring, etc.) has this problem.

I would start by listing the faulty returns by type, stone,

mounting, etc. to see if there is a pattern. Then track those
pieces through production - casting, cleaning, setting, and
finishing the problem pieces. You may be able to pin point a
weakness that is not visible during your quality control check. This
is rather like being a detective. No doubt you are frustrated. I
hope we can help you find answers. Judy in Kansas, where the sounds
of thunder and raindrops are so beautiful right now.

Judy M. Willingham, R.S.
Biological and Agricultural Engineering
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Kansas State University
Manhattan KS 66506
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Hello G.Rajendran: I have noticed in many jewelry items with multiple
small melee stones set in pave or bead settings that if the hole and
seat are too tight and the stone is pressed into the seat and will
stay tightly even before metal is pushed over too secure the stone,
many of the stones will become loose in the ultrasonic cleaner or as
the ring is bent out of round from wear. In my opinion it is better
to have the hole and seat of the stone very slightly larger than the
stone so that you can be sure you have pushed the beads over enough
to hold the stone tight. Another problem might be that the stones
are so much out of round and not tight that they can spin in the seat
and defeet the beads. I hope this helps
Michael R. Mathews Sr. Victoria,Texas USA JACMBJ