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Stone eating gremlins

I can now scientifically state that there are, in fact, stone eating
gremlins in jewelry workshops. Having just cleaned out my old store
from top to bottom, in which for 22 years we constantly lost small
stones throughout the store, I can state definitively that I was
unable to find anything other than one lonely tiny orange sapphire.
No other explanation can exist as I know for a fact that we have
lost at least 50-100 small diamonds over the years. Interestingly
enough however, it appears that the stone eating gremlins do not
like organic material as I did find a plethora of old pearls from
one end of the shop to the other.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers, LLC
1780 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140

Try the carpet leading out of your workshop…I’ll bet they went out
with the shoe, cuff, pocket, and hair gremlins! I have more than
once had the person in ‘‘the position’’ shake their head and viola!
their it is! Shoes are possibly the worse as they can attach to the
socks, eyelet’s and soles. Now check your vacuum sweeps when you go
over the place… what you can’t see is often just a ‘‘stones throw