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Stone crack/ inclusion filler

Customer wants to put in a look alike crack/ inclusion filler for this turquoise. I want to match the marbling in the lower part of the stone. The parts that need it is the top left part of the stone where the bezel doesn’t cover it. Thank you.

I can’t answer your original question, but do you know if the stone is already stabilized? If it is, whatever you use to fill the crack should be compatible with what was used to stabilize the stone. Good luck…Rob

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What do you mean by stabilized?

Stabilized turquoise is common…porous, soft turquoise is impregnated with a resin that hardens it and makes it easier to polish. I hope I don’t step on any toes here, but in this case, with the turquoise being just run-of-the mill, I would be tempted to suggest that it be removed and a really nice piece of spiderweb turquoise be cut to fit this setting. IDK if you can get it out in one piece, but you could recut it into a stone for another ring or into two for earrings It’s going to be hard to match the color of this stone in any repair and it is going to show. I hope I’m not being a snob in saying that this isn’t worth repairng/patching that way. -royjohn


no she knows it is not expensive stone, but this is 14k ring and the gold is not cheap. so what is the resin that I can put in here to fill and look like a marbling? thankyou.

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I am with royjohn. Take the stone out to fix, recut or replace it. Someone in the lapidary world may be able to answer your original question. This may just be the picture, but the bezel looks like it may have taken some hits. This may explain the damage…Rob


I filled it with crushed pearl and gold dust, It looks good. I need to fill the area up with a marbling effect. Thank you all for your help. She loves it. Please the client. This is a solid piece. New to the resin world and working with Turquoise. Lots to learn.

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Nicely done! I would love to see some pictures of the finished if you have them.

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finished. it is subtle, but made a difference.
Turquoise ring4

Turquoise ring3

Thanks for sharing! It looks like a pretty nice match.