[Stolen] Mikimoto's pearls necklace

I have a request for anyone in the St. Louis Missouri area. If you
could keep an eye open for a 16" Mikimoto cultured pearl necklace
with a gold filigree clasp. It was restrung, with tri cord made knots
a couple years back, but wasn’t worn much. It was in a dark velvet
bag with a string to close the top.

I know it is probably a long shot, especially as it was stolen
probably 2 months ago now. Ive checked the local pawn shops with no
luck yet. It was stolen from my Ex Wife’s home here in the city just
a couple weeks after her wallet walked away at BlockBusters Video
when she left it unattended. I’m not sure the two are connected nor
do I really care.

The only reason I am trying to find it is because I know what it
means to her. Her Grandfather said they were bought for her
grandmother at a Mikimoto jewelry store in 1945 in Tokyo Japan just
after the war when he was there with the RAAF (Royal Australian Air
Force). Her Mom gave them to her about 6 years ago when we were in
Melbourne. My Ex intended to have them made into 2 necklaces to give
to our daughters when the are older.

If anyone has an idea of where they could be, could you email off
forum. I am sure you would be compensated for your troubles.

Daniel Hamilton