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Still Need Etching Company

Hi again, The input I already got was good, interesting, and useful,
but I didn’t actually get info on any companies that provide
etching services. So please, pretty please, if anybody has a good
connection, share it ???. Thanks, Dar


I used to use International Etching Co. I can’t remember where for
sure, but think it is Connecticut? Some place out there. They can
etch completely through 20 ga. with very sharp definition. They
suspend the sheet vertically, and use high pressure guns to shoot the
acid against the metal, which gives as sharp an edge as sawing
Pat Diacca Topp

Greetings Dar, Back in my old (corporate) life- we used International
Etching Incorporated in Rhode Island. They did beautiful work for us.
Here is the link:

Another company you might check out is Newcut Inc. in Newark, New

I hope this helps!

Kate Wolf in Portland, Maine- offering Workshops…


I didn’t see your original post so this may not be relevant but I
got info for Precision Photoetching in R.I from Don Friedlich on
this list a few months ago. They’re at 401-738-5093.