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Stiff wire wax availability?

Years ago I worked in a Lapidary/ Jewelry making shop. (60’s and 70’s) Vigor put out a wire wax similar to red injection wax in gauges from 10 to 20 gauge in 1 oz boxes about 4 inches long. Is there anything available currently similar to this product. I’m looking for the stiffness available with these waxes rather than the spool and wire waxes available now. Anybody have any idea as to sourcing? TIA

I guess we’re just wondering if your google is broken?


…hmmm…red, you say?..I have some old, red wires…could it have maybe been red sprue wax, perhaps?..try googling “red sprue wax”…not sure how to find out the stiffness factor…*

hmmm…these peoples have 5 types of characteristics…


You might try contacting They manufacture a full range of jewelry & dental waxes with a wide distributor / dealer network.
Good luck!Eileen

Rio Grnde sells blue stiff wax in many forms.

I had this question a while ago, looking for the Vigor wax wire in individual sizes, and especially wax bezels in individual sizes. I have so many assortment boxes with just the sizes remaining that I never use. Hagstoz dug up some individual size boxes from old stock, but as far as I know Vigor currently only makes assortments. I ended up with Grobet wax wire and bezels, which with some effort you can find in individual sizes. I’m not that thrilled with it, since it is considerably softer and weaker than Vigor, but hey, you use what you can get. As for stiff wax wire, I would also love to find some. I have used the Matt gun to extrude half round wire, and that is sort of okay, but not really consistent in size.