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Stick-on magnifiers?


I’m hoping someone else here remembers this discussion because I
can’t find it in the archives or online. I believe someone posted
about having found “stick on” magnifiers for eyeglasses, that
basically were little plastic self-adhering circles that you could
place and remove from your eyeglass lenses. I don’t remember whether
they said they LIKED them, or anything more than that.

A friend who is a glassblower is looking for something like that, to
be able to add them to his special glassblowing lenses for hands-free
"binocular" use.

I’ve looked in all the tools catalogs I have and can’t find them.
Did I dream this? Or did someone out there discuss it within the
last year or two?

Karen Goeller

Hi, Karen, I don’t remember discussion, but these do exist, I’ve used
them. I have had two pairs. They cost about $25/pair. The first I
found in a catalog called Easy Living or Something Living, basically
for the old and infirm. The second pair I bought at Walgreens or
maybe Osco, our local drug store, on the rack with the reading
glasses. They worked fine. However, as it happened, pretty much as
soon as I bought them, I needed stronger ones. They are more
half-circles than circles, similar to old bifocals. They can be
removed and reapplied-- they stick with water, then stay by suction,
I guess. No adhesive. Good luck!


    "stick on" magnifiers for eyeglasses 

Karen, I bought them for $20 at Long’s Drugs. The local store has
reading glasses displayed in two places. The “fashion” readers are
with the sunglasses. The plain readers are by the prescription
counter, and that’s where I found the stick-on magnifiers. I can’t
remember exactly what they are called–OptiSpex?

The magnifiers are pliable semi-circles that stick onto eyeglasses
with a little water. I’ve had mine on my safety goggles for over a
year and they are still crystal clear–but I take pains to keep them
safe from scratching by cleaning them under running water, and using
a microfiber cloth to blot dry–never rub.


Hi Karen -

I used these for the past two weeks while my bifocal
computer/reading glasses were being repaired.

I found them at Longs drug store.

The display has a chart which shows you which strength to buy. They
are little flexible half-circles, and are designed to make
sunglasses into reading glasses.

You clean your glasses, and while the lenses are still wet, you
place the lenses inside the lens of your glasses and work out the
bubbles, which is very easy to do. They are easily repositioned so
that you can place them on your lenses wherever you like, and they
can be trimmed if they are too large. I referred to them as my
do-it-yourself bifocals. Once in place they don’t move, but are
easily peeled off when you are done with them.

I dreaded attempting to do any kind of reading or close-up work when
my glasses broke and these were an extremely satisfactory solution
for me.


Karen, Saw those little stickon magnifier circles at our local
pharmacy on the reading-glasses rack. Funny packaging but when I
looked closer, that’s what they were. Probably in most pharmacies
by now. Were about $20 a set. Kitti

Hi Karen,

I believe someone posted about having found "stick on" magnifiers
for eyeglasses, that basically were little plastic self-adhering
circles that you could place and remove from your eyeglass lenses. 

You might try a Dive Shop. I’ve seen them in a few. They’re made for
divers who need glasses. They are intended to be put on the inside
of dive masks.


Karen, The stick-ons I use are OptX. Their website is

Eschenbach has stronger lenses: (near the bottom
of the page). But they’re more expensive, and they have a funny idea
of what is “inconspicuous” and “fashionable”!