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Stewart School

I have taken all three of Jim Stewart’s classes and can highly
recommend him and his school. I had taken a class in lost wax casting
at my local art museum, and was hooked! I read many books on
metalsmithing and casting, and I started ordering tools and equipment.
I had a pretty complete workshop set up, and realized that some
hands-on learning was in order. I enrolled in the Stewart School in
Jupiter and was very pleased with the intense education I got in three
weeks. It is my experience that most good artists are not good
teachers. Mr. Stewart is the exception, as he is highly skilled in
his art, and is an excellent teacher. He moves fast, but doesn’t
leave anyone behind. The classes were intense, serious, and also a lot
of fun. I didn’t hear one word of regret or complaint from any of the
students. I noticed that his old students contacted him regularly for
advice, so they obviously held him in
high regard, as I do.