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Stewart school in Juiper Florida

I would like to know if anyone has been to the Stewart School in
Jupiter Florida? If so, could you comment on the courses you took.

I am thinking about taking a course there since I have a friend that
lives near by and I could stay with them if I take the course. I have
studied with an elderly gentleman here in Pennsylvania, but want to
expand my knowledge of silversmithing.

I sincerely hope everyone at Orchid has a wonderful holiday. God
bless. Roxan in Pennsylvania.

Roxan, im sorry but i do not know anything about the Stewart school,
but i was wondering about the man you studied with in pennsylvania, I
go to Tyler school of art, in Elkins park, and i need some more
technical advice. If he is close to philadelphia and is still
teaching, i would love to hear about him. Thanks a lot molly

I have 2 stores in Raleigh, NC and have sent 5 or 6 people to Mr.
Stewart, as well as taking 2 of his courses myself. I think he is a
great teacher with a good mix of patience and drive to cover the
subject. My employees, who specialize in repair, have learned and used
the and gained valuable confidence to do better more
challenging work. I recommend you take the courses, all you can, then,
put that education to work and practice! Phil, Treasure Isle, Ltd. Raleigh, NC

I took the basic repair and stone setting courses. I had already
taken a jewelry design course at my local college, so I had basic
solder and sawing tecnhnics when I went. Jim definitly teaches a
great course, he is very thorough in explaing the how and why of what
your learning. The course gives you a great deal of at a
fast pace. You get to practice in class but you have to keep moving
because of all the that has to be covered. Be prepared to
perfect your technics after class. What I learned really helped as I
went into this to be a bench jeweler. Hope this helps…mike