G’day Allan

What we need now is some hard evidence one way or the other so I'd
appreciate it if anyone out there can tell me which legislation
covers the matter of precious metal Standards in: 

1/ the U.K.
2/ the European Community
3/ the U.S.A.

I don’t know much about the US standards, but first I have to inform you
that U.K. is a member of the European Community.

Not that this really matters in this respect: the standards vary quite a
lot within the EC. Here in Denmark Silver alloys with a content of at
least 92,5 per cent can/must be stamped with 925, 925S or Sterling,
completely independent of the constitution of the remainder 7,5 per
cent. I hope other Orchid members will fill you in with the respective
local legislation.

Kind regards
Niels Lovschal
Bornholm, Denmark