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Sterling silver surface treatment

Lately when I purchase sterling silver findings (chain, small
beadcaps etc.), they have a ‘treatment’ that protects from tarnish.
This would be fine, but I would like to use liver-of-sulfur to
oxidize them. I’ve called the sellers, but they don’t know what the
treatment is, or how to remove it. I’ve tried soaking them in acetone
for a couple days with some, but not great results. Any ideas would be

Also a big thanks to all on the Ganoksin list for the great info.
I’ve just started exploring metal work & your help has been

All the best

Gee, I think I have the opposite problem! I’d love to find a
publicly available antitarnish coating to apply to sterling or fine
silver. I wouldn’t care if it was acetone resistant!

Andrew Jonathan Fine

they have a 'treatment' that protects from tarnish. 


G Moura