Sterling gunmetal grey patina

Hello! I am working with a raised silver finish(sterling silver)
with 22k (aura 22k “paint”) and 24k (keum boo) gold accents and
trying my darndest to achieve ajet black patina. I have tried Liver
of sulpher and Kodak rapid selenium toner. Both achieve a gunmetal
grey/ not really black patina. I have also tried Midasjet black, with
also turns my gold black (soo not good!) It has simply become hair
pulling frustration. ANY wisdom, secrets, know how. ANYTHNING, would
be more than appreciated. Please! Thanks so very much! Amber

Amber Van Ausdall
Loot Box Jewelry

Have you tried Win-Ox or Black Max? They will bring your piece to a
definite black, not gray.

This is what you do: start over. Clean your piece in hot pickle or
sulphuric acid. Take Liver of sulphur and add a drop or two of
ammonia (not more).

Mix with purified water and heat it up to ca. 60 degrees C. The LOS
has to be the size of a pea and the solution has to look pale yellow

  • don’t use a lot of LOS, it won’t help. Heat your piece somewhat by
    keeping it underrunning water. Dip it in the solution for 2 seconds.
    Take it out and rinse with water. Repeat until your piece looks


After you get the grey/not really black patina, put it in a tumbler
for 20 minutes with stainless steel shot. In my experience this
makes the piece a beautiful shiny black.