Sterling findings

We have a custom job for a customer, and are looking for Sterling
standard “trillion” pendant 777mm. findings We also need 14kt. yg
earring hoop style, 4mm. sq. 40 mm. diameter. a goldsmith friend of
mine singed the original pair, and is asking for help We have tried
all the usual SSI, QGC, HMS, Dazzlers…etc. Any help would be much

RJ Karatman

Looking for hollow hoop style ear-rings. 4mm square, 41mm in
diameter. The pair has been singed by another goldsmith. The store
has given me the assignment of replacing them, even if making new
ones, which I am hesitant due to time/cost factures. I would not
normally not take on this type of a project but my freind should not
have either. Any help is greatly appeciated.


Try Kim Imports or Quality Gold. Massive selections of sterling

Ed in Kokomo

Hello RJ,

Check out Stuller’s catalog (the big one), page 805, #20844.
Although it says concave hoop, it sure looks like square tubing.

Judy in Kansas