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Stephen Moore - Jewelry Gallery

Artists statement: by application of my accumulated knowledge and skills, I attempt to realize works from my imagination which reflect an ethereal quality – a quality that I hope evokes inspiration, and if not inspiration, to at least convey a sense of wonder, a sense of awe to those who see them.

The essential nature of my creative pursuits is to make works based upon the exploration of the properties and working possibilities of various materials.

By judicious selection and combination of elements from vast source lists — e.g.; technologies, methodologies, materials, shapes, colors, mechanical functions, purpose, word associations, concepts, ideas etc, etc, etc, — I aim to create a series of sculptures and jewelry pieces which are unique, innovative, aesthetically pleasing, finely made, and destined for exhibitions and collections.

A whim of mine… “Heavenly Vessel” Length: Only 6 centimeters…Weight…1-1/2 Ounces of18ct Y/Gold, Wooden bowsprit, mast & rudder, cow bone sail… it took 3 years in the making, (real-time probably 3 months) but it needed 3 years to become what it is today. Inspired by the book cover on Umberto Echo’s. “The Island of the day before”, which features part of a fresco in the Villa Farnesi, Italy, of a papal vessel in the heavens amongst the signs of the zodiac.
Designed, made & photographed by Stephen Moore.

Sterling Silver Torah Crown

A Sterling Silver Torah Crown, 1-3/4 kilograms. 400 hours to make. Commissioned by the “Beth Synagogue” in Auckland, New Zealand, Designed by Helen Schamroth & Stephen Moore, Made by Stephen Moore, Photographer: Mark McLean.

Brass Compass

Brass Compass (closed): One month to make: and many innovations to achieve it. Height 15 centimeters.

Pure Silver & fire gilt ring

Pure Silver & fire gilt ring (5 grams of 22 carat on the surface), Total weight: 45 grams. with a (huge) Star Ruby and pale Indian rubies beneath. Designed, made, set and photographed by Stephen Moore.