[Step by Step] Creating Jewelry with the EZ-Lathe

Creating Jewelry with the EZ-Lathe by Ti-Research

Text, designs and photography courtesy of Michael Goin

When I first saw the EZ-lathe, I immediately thought of its
simplicity. After I had used the EZ-Lathe, it became apparent the
complexity of the designs that could be created using one of the
most basic shapes, the circle. The EZ-lathe created just that -

Combine the ability to create circles, the turning of cylindrical
shapes and a little imagination and experience the possibilities.

HI Sandor,

One suggestion: with any of the flex-shaft based lathe systems, it
really helps if you use a clamp of some sort to hold the flex shaft
handpiece. That way you’ve got both hands free to manipulate your
tools. Much safer and more effective.

Kate Wolf has a little widget that fits into the bracket for a GRS
00897 Rio makes a plastic block that holds a #30 handpiece in a
vise: and then there’s the fancy adjustable holder from Foredom

For the $10 the basic versions cost, they’re well worth the money,
for a whole bunch of uses.