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Steel fingers for wax

I am starting wax carving and trying to find steel fingers for rings built up technique.
Anyone knows where i can get them or a suggestion how to make them.
Also what sort of release agent should i use to avoid possible wax bubbling.


There is an aluminum mandrel that has steps on it of each finger size. It’s
held up with a small stand. I have one I don’t use. If you send me a bottle
of brandy I could get it to you, or some other trade.

This is one set I found online in a quick search.

This is another. I have a version of this one myself.

I will go for one from Esslinger. Didn’t come out on my search.
Thanks ringdoctor.
Sorry, Shannon you have missed on the bottle.Maybe next time.

Internet searches can produce interesting results.
Change one word in a search, and you can get very different results, so it pays to play with your wording, and do multiple searches.

This is the wax mandrel of which I speak

somebody send this man some brandy! :grinning:

Joe Joseph, contact me by email,, I have a set of wax mandrels I do not need.

Perhaps if you do this every day you need these mandrels…however, a set of sockets would provide the same thing, or some dowels in various sizes…with some tape for in between sizes. Simple and cheap. Or just build the model on whatever and size it on your ring mandrel when done. If you are making wax models, this ought to be pretty easy for you or you ought to learn. Whatever floats you boat, I guess.