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Steel enamel coated bracelets


I am Anri Haxhi, technical assistant at Artistic Jewellery Pirro,
from Tirana Albania. We are interested in applying decals on a steel
bracelet which have been coated first with a black ground coat on
the inside and outside and then coated again with a white frit on
the outside. Now we want to apply decals of our own designs on top
of the enamel frit layer. Can you help us with some on
procedure and the products necessary for this operation?l. I am
looking forward to your response.

Best Regards.

As you are using an industrial enamelling process, as you described,
your best source of is from a ceramic ware maker ie
pottery, china etc maker. They apply all the designs by a tranfer
process. I do not know exactly the detail of this procedure, you
should contact a ceramic ware maker in your country for their
guidance. In our trade we apply enamel either by wet inlay, which is
not what you need or by sifting onto a prepared wet/adhesive design
on the prepared enamel surface.

The adhesive is gum tragacanth and if this was painted onto your
white enamel surface via a stencil, lift off the stencil, dust on the
enamel powder, and shake off where it has not stuck, this would give
you the decal design. Then after drying fire in the usual way.

I suggest you try this on some flat enamel surface first, then if it
meets your needs, progress to trying this on the curved surface.

If i could find an Easyjet flight to Tirana, I would come and help
you. I Did enamelling for 7 yrs using the enamels and techniques of

Tell us how your experiments work out.

Im in Dorset UK.


I can’t help you with your enameling, but had to respond as I see
you are in Tirana, Albania. My daughter flew over there in June, and
will be in Albania for a year studying and doing research. She is in
Tirana through December. Such a small world!

Beth Wicker

The decals made for ceramics/porcelain work on an enameled surface.
There are companies that will make decals from your own designs. You
should be able to find sources on the internet, and doing business by
mail should not be a problem. Good luck! vera