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Steel alphabet stamps


Hello Renee, Steel alphabet stamps and sterling bracelet cuffs can
be obtained from several suppliers: Indian Jewelry Supply & Rio
Grande are two. However, stamping on the underside of a finished cuff
will leave it with marks on the outside and the cuff will be somewhat
deformed… that is if you can get the stamps into the area you want
to mark. I’d suggest engraving instead of stamping. Likely there is
someone in your area with engraving equipment - trophy
shops for sure. Good luck on your endeavors, Judy in Kansas


Hi Rene I just ordered some stamps from Harper Manufacturing Co. in
Las Vegas. I found them on the internet. They seem to have a wide
range of stamps (letters, words, designs) and the prices seem very
good. If you order a minimum of 10 of their Stock stamps (Alphabet,
number, images) they cost $6.00 each (about $9.00 Canadian). I
haven’t received them yet, so I can’t tell you about the quality. I
emailed for info and they sent me a catalogue. They might be worth looking into. Sandra