Steamer safety valve

I’ve seen you offer to help people on orchid and now I have a bit of
a problem. I have a new safety valve for my steamer and I tried to
put it on today and power up the machine. All is fine but steam is
leaking out of the threads both where it screws into an inside
fitting that screws into the steamer fitting. I used a blue joint
compound on the outer threads and put it right on. I didn’t wait
before trying it out. When I saw steam I used my crescent wrench to
tighten it another round without stopping the steam. I have not shut
it off and am waiting for it to cool before I do anything else.
Maybe I should have my husband put some “man torc” on it when he
gets home from work. I really want to do it myself, though. Do you
have any help as to my mistake? Thank you so much for your time,
Patty Rios, Springfield, MO

patty rios

Dear Patty, I prefer to use the white Teflon pipe thread tape. It’s
available everywhere. I think you just need a bit more tightening.
When cooling down you can also open the bottom drain valve and blow
out the pressure. This will help keep the machine from wearing out. I
have a steamer from 1977 and it still works like a champ. What
usually wears out are the valves.

Best Regards,
Todd Hawkinson

try tefflon tape to seal the threads. Get it at the local plumbing
supply or hardware store. Frank Goss