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Steamer element


Replaced the element on a steam cleaner (120 volt), used unit
approximately a dozen times, & the element appears to be gone again.
Used an element from a local supplier that is used in hot water tanks.
Is a higher temp. element necessary \ available for these units? Any
sources if so? Thanks Vern @vparker


If your element runs in little or no water I would suspect that the
early failure of the water heater element is due to the higher
temperature encountered. Maybe you could get an element rated for
twice the wattage at 240v. This would give 1/2 wattage at 120v, and
should handle the higher temps without burning out prematurely.

Dan Wellman


Don’t know much about the guts of a steam cleaner, but I wonder if
they are like household hot water heaters. If you turn those on when
there’s not enough water to cover the heating element, they burn out
immediately. I learned that the hard way. Maybe your water level
guage is not showing you the true picture, for some reason. And you
want to make sure those valves top and bottom of the glass are open.
Please forgive me if I’m pointing out the obvious, or things you’ve
already thought of, it’s just that in 27 years of using steamers,
I’ve never had to replace an element.


It sounds to me like there is something wrong in the application of
the element. Water heater elements are ment to be completely submerged
at all times, otherwise the heat produced can not be transfered fast
enough and the element overheats and burns out. The current density
of these as designed is to high to operate in air or in a non
submerged application. Is any portion of the element normaly or ever
out of the water? Hard to tell for sure from here if this what is
happening to you but it seems that way. It maybe thatit is intended
that 2 of the elements you have are intended to be used in series in
the water heater application .This would result in the higher current
density too if only one was used alone . I think this is less likely
to be the case.