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Steam Machine


I have decided to treat myself to a steam machine before the busy
season begins this year. Can anyone recommend a good steamer. I am
very limited on space so I will need a compact one. Thanks for any
and all help. Herb


Hi Herb, If you’re going to pop for a steamer, don’t settle for
anything less than a Rheimers. The JR model comes a stainless body.
I’ve had mine for over 14 years without any problems besides regular
maintenance. You can find smaller and cheaper units but they won’t
last. J.A.


Herb, Check out the advertisement on page 107 of the current Lapidary
Journal.( Nov.) It shows a stainless steel unit which is small enough
for a bench top. The price is only three hundred dollars. I stopped
using my large steam cleaner several years ago. My feeling is that a
good ultra sonic will meet the needs of a small shop.I use a cleaner
from Smart and Final wholesale called Liquid Pink Cleaner…it comes
in gallon bottles and sells for about five and half dollars. I cut it
about fifteen to one with water and change the solution daily. The
name of the outfit selling the above mentioned steam cleaner is Micro
Cleaning Supplies Co. Vista CA. Tel. 619 249 9850 ( Be sure to ask a
lot of questions…You’ve got to be very careful dealing with us
Californians ( sic !) Ron Mills at Mills Gem Co. Los Osos, CA.


I’ve used all the big ones, like Vigor, Hoffmann, etc. they’re
great, except they’re expensive and require “blow-down” supposedly
every night (I do it about once a week). I’ve tried the"Steam
Dragon" and it works pretty good. It uses distilled water and works
"atmospherically" so you have steam on demand without a boiler full
of accumulated pressure. It’s not really cheap for what it is, about
$500, but I just saw a new Kasoy tool catalog and they have one of a
similar type, not very large, for about $300. I have a friend who
has a real simple one, said it costs $150 new. Its shoe-box size,
thereabouts, with a pet-cock to release steam, a presure guage and a
fill spout. It worked great, and if you’re like me, only doing a
dozen jobs a night (sideline trade-work), it’s perfect. Anyone out
there know who might still be selling those?